About IMY3

The purpose of the standalone Internal Medicine Year 3 (IMY3) is to allow previous Core Medical Training (CMT), Acute Care Common Stem - acute medicine (ACCS-AM) and Broad Based Training (BBT) trainees to meet the requirements to apply for higher-specialty training for Group 1 specialties.

These posts will allow trainees to use their existing competencies from CMT, BBT or ACCS and gain the additional requirements of the Internal Medicine Stage 1 (IMS1) programme, such that they can apply to high training on an equal basis with trainees coming through IMS1. Trainees will be expected to meet the same ARCP requirements at the end of their stand-alone year.

These posts will be designed to give trainees the experience and support they need to be able to fulfil the curriculum requirements and outcomes of the IMS1 programme.

The IMS1 programme requires that trainees achieve the required levels across the generic and clinical Capabilities in Practice.

Each trainee entering the standalone programme will have a bespoke ‘gap-analysis’ undertaken ahead of starting by their Training Programme Director (or nominated deputy) to understand what components of the IMS1 programme they already have and what training and experience they will need during their standalone year.

Specifically, trainees may need to be supported to achieve the capability of managing the acute medical take (CiP1) by undertaking the role as medical registrar with immediate on-site senior cover until they are judged as having achieved the same level as IMS1 trainees at the end of IMY2.

Trainees will also be supported in achieving the other learning objectives in relation to Critical Care, Out-patients experience, Geriatric Medicine and End-of-Life Care.

Further details can be found in the ‘from the Joint Royal Colleges of Physician Training Board (JRCPTB) website.