After applying

After submission, your application will progress through the next stages of the recruitment process.


After application, your application form will be checked against the eligibility requirements published on our website and in the person specification (primarily your core training status); this will include a panel that will meet to review any trainee whose final core training ARCP had competence outstanding, aside from the MRCP(UK).

Special circumstances

Any applicant wishing to train in a different region to their core training and has applied for consideration under the special circumstances policy will be reviewed prior to ranking applications. Approved applications will be given equal consideration in ranking to those that trained in that region.


There is no shortlisting process and all applicants to a region will proceed to the ranking stage for that region.


Each applicant will be assigned a rank, restricted to their region, through a random allocation process, which will be externally mediated to ensure fairness. Ranking will be done in three batches:

  • The first ranked applicants will be those who undertook core training in that region, and applied in 2021 but did not accept an offer. They will be randomly assigned their rank from number 1 to however many there are.
  • Next will be those who undertook core training in that region, or have their special circumstances approved. For example, if there are 5 applicants in the first category, the highest rank someone could be in this category will be 6.
  • Other trainees will then be randomly assigned their ranks below the first two groups. 

  The next steps following ranking are covered in the offers and beyond section of the website.