Am I eligible

The person specification for IMY3 lists the essential entry criteria to be eligible for consideration. The person specification can be viewed on the Specialty Training website. Key information about the criteria is detailed below.

CMT/ACCS-AM trainees only

IMY3 posts will only be available to those who have trained, or are currently training, in core medical training or ACCS acute medicine.

Any other trainee wishing to progress to higher specialty training at ST4 level in a physician specialty will only be able to do so by using the ‘Alternative Certificate to Enter Group 1 Higher Physician Specialty Training’, which is available on the ST3 Recruitment website.

Eligibility by ARCP outcome

All CMT and ACCS-AM trainees are welcome to apply and eligibility will be based on the ARCP outcome and subsequent review where necessary:

  • Outcome 6 – all trainees with this outcome are eligible for consideration.
  • Outcome 10.1 - all trainees with this outcome are eligible for consideration.
  • Outcome 3 or 4 – the status will depend on the reason for the outcome:
    • MRCP(UK) only outstanding – if you have an outcome 3 or 4 and only Part 2 Written and/or PACES outstanding you are eligible and can complete the examination in IMY3.
    • Competences other than the MRCP(UK) – it is permissible to apply if you are in this position. When you apply you will be required to supply information about the areas outstanding: what you have subsequently gained and what is still outstanding. You will be asked to load any evidence of outstanding competences gained to your ePortfolio and give permission for these be reviewed by an eligibility panel. The panel will review applications in the longlisting stage and determine if the application can proceed. The panel will base their decision on whether outstanding areas have been gained or the ability to make them up during IMY3. 


Whilst it is not a requirement to have completed Part 2 Written or PACES before starting IMY3, Part 1 must have been passed by the time of application.

Other criteria

Aside from these criteria, there will be usual requirements around GMC registration and eligibility to work in the UK by the advertised post start date, which are unlikely to cause most applicants an issue.