Submitting an application

Applications cannot be submitted unless all mandatory fields are completed, the form will direct you when completing each page. Additionally, any required documentation, which is only likely to be ARCP outcomes or special circumstances evidence, must be attached.

Editing your form

Apart from reference details and contact information, you cannot edit your application after it is submitted, under any circumstances. Therefore make sure you are satisfied with your application's content before you finally submit it.

Late applications not accepted

Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances so if you miss the deadline you will need to wait for the following year’s recruitment before you can apply for an IMY3 post.  We emphasise very strongly that candidates should aim to submit their applications well before the closing date. This will allow any queries and problems to be resolved in advance of the deadline.

How do I know if my application has been submitted?

There are three ways by which you can confirm that your application has been submitted:

  • You will receive an automatic email confirming submission. Please note that the email may not arrive immediately upon submission of your application. In busy times, particularly near the application closing date, there can be a significant delay in when this email is received.
  • Check your messages in your Oriel account. Any emails sent to you via the application system will be stored in your candidate portal on Oriel (ie your 'account') in the 'My Messages' section of your Dashboard.
  • Check that your application status has been updated from 'In progress' to 'Applied'. This can be seen in the 'My Applications' area of your Dashboard.
If you have still not received an email the day after submitting your application, please submit a query via the PSP helpdesk: