If you have not already done so, please do register an expression of interest in IMY3 and you will be informed should any changes take place.

The IMY3 section of this website has been divided into sections to help you navigate the process:

  • Am I eligible? – key information about the eligibility criteria.
  • Planning your application – including the timeline, vacancy numbers, contact information and further opportunities after the national recruitment round.
  • Applying – where and how to apply
  • Offers and beyond – choosing your programme preferences, how and when offers will be made, responding to offers and employment for those accepting an offer.
  • About IMY3– summary information about standalone IMY3 posts.

If you wish to apply for a standalone IMY3 post this area of our website contains information to help you. This covers recruitment to UK training programmes across England, Scotland & Wales.

Northern Ireland will be recruiting candidates who have completed CMT to LATs through a competitive entry process.

2021 is the first year where IMY3 standalone posts will be available. Formal recruitment to standalone posts will continue for a minimum of three years. In order to complete IMT, trainees must return to complete this additional year to meet the requirements of the new internal medicine curriculum.

Trainee’s will apply for training in one region and will make this selection when completing their application form. Regions will aim to match the number of vacancies to the number of applications they receive but this might not be possible for all regions. Priority will be given to applicants who completed CMT in that region.

The process for how applicants will apply for IMY3 will vary slightly between the nations.

Upon satisfactory completion of IMY3 candidates will then be eligible to apply for the higher specialty training positions (ST4). 

Entry can also be gained to ST4 through an alternative certificate of core competence which is being updated to include competencies equivalent to IMY3.  (A lot of people asking about this in the inbox, perhaps mention it?)

2021 recruitment

There is one main round of national recruitment to IMY3 standalone posts in 2021:

  • Applications –Open Thursday 01/10/20 and close Thursday 29/10/20. See the timeline page of the website for more details.
  • First offers – Week commencing 25/01/21
  • Final offers – Week commencing 03/05/21.

The planning your application section has a fuller timetable and information about further opportunities after the national recruitment round.


If you cannot find the answer to anything about IMY3 recruitment on our website, the Specialty Recruitment Office runs an email helpdesk which can be contacted with any queries. Normally, the RCP will respond to all queries within 48 hours (excluding bank holidays and weekends).

To contact the helpdesk, please email: IMTrecruitment@hee.nhs.uk.