Post numbers will not be available at the time of application. Where possible, deaneries will be seeking to match the number of vacancies to the applications received.

Priority will be given to applicants who completed CMT in that region. Consideration is also given to doctors who meet the MDRS special circumstances policy (hyperlink).

After this, applicants who meet the criteria for National Inter Deanery transfer will be considered next.

Only after these three groups of candidates have all received offers, will “external” CMT applicants be considered. This is expected to amount to very few posts.

Should you apply for a more popular region and not receive an offer, you will be able to apply for unfilled vacancies across the country in clearing. It is possible that an applicant who completed CMT in a region will not receive an offer for that region and then would need to go through clearing, this is entirely dependant on how many applications are received.