All offers and responses to them are made via the Oriel System . A matching algorithm will allocate programmes within each region to an applicant’s highest available programme preference. The first offer will made to the candidate who ranks number 1, the second to rank number 2 and so on. If none of an applicant’s programme preferences are available, the algorithm will skip to the next applicant, this will continue until all offers have been made.

After offers have been made, any which are declined will be recycled and re-offered to candidates on the reserve list for that region.

Applicants will have the option to either accept or decline an offer; there is no option to hold an IMY3 offer. 

Depending on how many programme preferences a region has, upgrading may be possible. Applicants will be able to opt in for upgrades and should a programme they have ranked more highly become available; they will be automatically upgraded to it when the matching algorithm is next run. If a region only has a single option, this will not be possible

Please read the guidance on offers for the IMY1 process for more information, as much of the guidance is applicable to IMY3.