If you wish to apply for a one-year standalone CT3-levelpost in internal medicine training (IMY3 for short), this area of the website contains information to help you. This covers recruitment to UK training programmes across England, Scotland and Wales.

Northern Ireland will be recruiting candidates who have completed core training through a separate competitive entry process and you are advised to contact the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency if you are interested.

Recruitment for posts starting in 2022 is the second year where IMY3 standalone posts will be available. Formal recruitment to standalone posts is only guaranteed to continue for one more year after 2022 recruitment. In order to complete IMT, and be eligible for entry to higher specialty training in ‘Group 1’ physician specialties, trainees must return to complete this additional year to meet the requirements of the new internal medicine curriculum. Stand-alone IMY3 posts are only available to those who have trained in a formal UK core medical training (CMT) or ACCS acute medicine (ACCS-AM) training programme.

A change from the 2021 process is that there will be a separate vacancy for England/Wales and Scotland, operating to a different timeline.

Trainee’s will apply for training in one region and, for the England/Wales vacancy, will make this selection when completing their application form. Regions will aim to match the number of vacancies to the number of applications they receive but this might not be possible for all. Priority will be given to applicants who completed core training in that region.

Entry can also be gained to ST4 through the 'Alterative Certificate to Enter Group 1 Higher Physician Specialty Training', which is available to download from the physician higher specialty training website. 

The IMY3 section of this website has been divided into sections to help you navigate the process:

  • Am I eligible? – key information about the eligibility criteria.
  • Planning your application – including the timeline, vacancy numbers, contact information and further opportunities after the national recruitment round.
  • Applying – where and how to apply
  • After applying - the next steps after your application is submitted.
  • Offers and beyond – choosing your programme preferences, how and when offers will be made, responding to offers and employment for those accepting an offer.
  • About IMY3– summary information about standalone IMY3 posts.

2022 recruitment

There is one round of national recruitment to 2022 IMY3 standalone posts and the timetable differs for England/Wales and Scotland:

  • Applications
    • England/Wales - 17 March - 7 April 2022
    • Scotland - 4 November - 1 December 2022
  • Offers
    • England/Wales - 31 May - 7 June 2022
    • Scotland - 2-18 March 2022

See the timeline page of the website for more details. 


If you cannot find the answer to anything about IMY3 recruitment on our website, the Physician Specialty Recruitment Office (PSRO) runs a helpdesk which can be contacted with any queries. Normally, the PSRO will respond to queries within three working days.

To contact the helpdesk, please submit a query to:https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home.

Best wishes, and good luck with your application,


Physician Specialty Recruitment Office