Update to the 2023 application scoring matrix


There has been an update to the application scoring matrix to be used for IMT and Physician Higher Specialty Training for 2023 recruitment. The updated version is available in the Document... more

IMY3 2022 applications now open


As of 10am, Thursday 17 March 2022, applications for IMY3 2022 have opened and are scheduled to close on Thursday 7 April 2022. Please ensure that you complete and submit your... more

East Midlands Enhancing Generalist Skills Programme and IMT


The East Midlands are excited to offer an innovative programme for a select number of IMT1 trainees starting in August 2022. Trainees will be able to undertake the ‘Enhancing... more

No round 2 for 2022 recruitment


Due to the number of applications received in round 1, it is not currently planned to hold a second round of IMT Recruitment for programmes starting in 2022. If this changes, the website... more

Application score matrix for 2023 recruitment


A document with the planned application scoring matrix for recruitment to posts starting from August 2023 has been published to the Document Library of the website. There are... more

IMT 2022 Round 1 application closed


As of 4pm, Thursday 1 December 2021, applications for IMT round 1 2022 have now closed. Please be aware applications cannot be amended once submitted.  For further information on the... more

2022 IMT round 1 applications now open


As of 10am, Thursday 4 November 2021, applications for IMT round 1 2022 have opened and are scheduled to close on Wednesday 1 December 2021 at 4pm. Please ensure that you complete... more

IMT Recruitment website updated for 2022


The IMT recruitment website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2022 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which can... more

IMY3 recruitment information updated for 2022 and notification of changes to the timetable


The area of the website for recruitment to stand-alone IMY3 programmes has been updated for the 2022 process. Whilst much of the process is the same as the 2021 process, there have been... more

Sharing IMT interview question information


It has recently been reported to us that there has been an incident of candidates for IMT sharing information about interview questions. We would like to emphasise that you must not... more