COVID-19 and contingency plans

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the process for 2022 recruitment could be subject to change if the public health situation significantly worsens. Applicants will be informed as soon as possible if a change is required and there will be a news item confirming this. Information is published to the website about the contingency plan if interviews cannot be completed.

Round 2

Update 7 January 2022 – Due to the number of applications received in round 1, it is not currently planned to hold a second round of IMT Recruitment for programmes starting in 2022. If this changes, the website will be updated and a news item added. Assuming there is no change, the next recruitment will be round 1 for 2023 recruitment, which is likely to open in November 2022.


If you are planning to apply for 2023 recruitment, the 2022 process is likely to be a good guide as to the timetableeligibility rules and general process for subsequent years. However, in light of the ongoing pandemic this is subject to change and cannot be confirmed. The website is updated for future years approximately a month before applications open for that year so you can check back at that time, however, significant changes will be noted in our news section.

Dates subject to change

Whilst we do not expect the timelines published to change, please be aware that this can never be guaranteed. As such, you are advised to check this page periodically.

Changes to any of the stages of the timeline will be reflected immediately on this page, as well as noted in a news item where considered necessary.

IMT - Timeline - 2022

Round 1

Timeline for 2022 IMT recruitment round 1
Vacancies published  By 5pm Tuesday 2 November 2021 
Applications open  At 10am Thursday 4 November 2021 
Applications close 

At 4pm Wednesday 1 December 2021 

Longlisting close   Friday 17 December 2021  
Shortlisting   Tuesday 21 December 2021  
Invitation to Interview by  Thursday 23 December 2021  
Interview booking deadline 

Thursday 30 December 2021 (first invites) 

Tuesday 4 January 2022 (second invites) 

Interviews held   Monday 17 January to Friday 18 February 2022  
Rankings released  
Friday 25 February 2022  
Programme preferences   Friday 25 February to Tuesday 15 March 2022  
Offers made  Thursday 17 March 2022  
Hold deadline  At 1pm on Tuesday 5 April 2022 
Upgrade deadline  At 4pm on Monday 11 April 2022 
Scoresheet feedback released Thursday 5 May 2022
Post start date Wednesday 3 August 2022

Provisional programme numbers & interview dates

The information on this page will be updated once it can be confirmed.

It is the intention that initial programme numbers for all regions will be published prior to the application opening date, although this cannot be guaranteed. Numbers will be updated as and when notifications are received from each region and will be checked later in the round when programme preferences are open for selection.

Candidates can be interviewed at any of the available dates below, regardless of where they wish to work. When choosing your preferred date you should do this on the basis of your availability and the most convenient available. 

Interview dates

Round 1 interview dates will be weekdays (Monday to Friday) between Monday 17 January 2022 - Friday 18 February 2022. There will be interviews on every week day within this period.

Each UK region is hosting interviews in this round. It makes no difference which region is hosting your interview as the interview is the same at all and your application is in consideration for all regions, regardless of who manages your interview. When you come to book a slot you will see which region is hosting the one on which you are booking so you know where to direct queries regarding attendance.

Competition ratios

While it is difficult to predict exactly the level of competition for IMT programmes, we have published data on previous years' recruitment to this website. This will give an indication of the possible competition rates in each region.

Provisional post numbers

RegionACCS-IM postsIMT posts
East Midlands


75 - 90

East of England


120 - 140

 London & KSS


2 - 4


100 - 140




280 - 330

North East


70 - 80
North West





(North Western)


(North Western)


South West


0 - 2


36 - 46


0 - 8


48 - 58

Thames Valley 3 56


50 - 60

West Midlands


94 - 110
Yorkshire and the Humber


149 - 158

Northern Ireland







0 - 2

60 - 70