The interview / assessment centre

The main stage of your application to IMT is the interview - sometimes referred to as the 'assessment centre' or 'selection centre'.

Here you will be asked a series of questions by clinicians for different question areas. The 'Structure & content' tab has detail about the question areas included.

Consistent for all applicants

The structure and content of IMT interviews will be consistent among all applicants; all online interviews will follow exactly the same format and cover the same areas of assessment.

Sharing information about the interview

Whilst it is natural that you may wish to discuss your experience at interview with others, you must not share detailed information about the interview, beyond that which is publicly available (ie which is available from this website) - specifically, the content and format of questions asked. Ultimately, this may reduce your own chances of success and is unfair to all other candidates.

Individual questions are changed regularly at each interview centre and candidates are advised against altering their behaviour based on the advice of others.

The interview will consist of four main question areas which will last between 3-9 minutes each. Overall you will be scored on six areas, which is the four question areas, plus an additional score in the clinical scenario and your overall communication skills. You will be scored by two interviewers on each question.

Including time for questioning and reading, the interview will be approximately 25 minutes.

Details of the areas of assessment in each of the four questions can be viewed by clicking on the tabs below.

Where applicants have dyslexia, it is common practice for reading time to be increased by 25%.

This is also the policy employed at IMT interviews; and where this comes into play specifically is where candidates prepare for assessment of 'scenarios'.


Only question 1 will use a scenario. In the three minutes before your interview starts, you will be given a clinical scenario to review. Upon arrival in the interview room, you will be asked questions relating to this scenario.

Scenario text

The actual text in the scenario is quite short - two/three brief sentences at most - and so the bulk of preparation time is to allow you to consider the scenario and the next steps you would take (eg diagnosis, treatment, further questions, etc.); rather than it being 'reading time' as such.

But should you have dyslexia and wish to request extra time here, this can be granted in line with the recommendations on your pyschological assessment.

Requesting adjustment

If you have dyslexia and wish to request this adjustment, please add information to the personal page of your application regarding this.

You can now load documents directly to Oriel on your aplication. You need to explain the requirement and then upload the documentary evidence to the application when prompted to do so. 

Further information

The British Dyslexia Association has a webpage dedicated to how the Equalities Act 2010 relates to dyslexia.